Band Instrument Repair

Band Instrument Repair

Band instrument repair is our specialty! The JC Music Pro Shop repairs hundreds of instruments each year for schools across the state, for individuals and for professional players from around the world.

Repairing band instruments is a craft and an art, and each instrument repair is unique. Our staff members may not be repair techs, but they are usually able to give you an accurate estimate. We check your instrument in and then have a tech ascertain the true nature of the service.

We believe in transparency during service, and if our tech’s quote is higher than the estimate provided, we will contact the customer BEFORE the repair work is done.

Minimum Bench Charge on All Band Instrument Repairs is $30.00

Average Repair Waiting Time is 10-14 Days. Learn more about our repair offerings here!

Band Instrument Repair Price Lists


NOTE: All Prices Listed Are Estimates

InstrumentPlayable ConditionCleaningRepad
Flute (closed hole)$89$59$248
Flute (open hole)$99$59$278
Clarinet (soprano)$89$59$278
Wood Clarinet (soprano)$99$75$348
Alto Clarinet$99$59$278
Bass Clarinet$139$75$378
Contra Bass Clarinet$149$75$398
Soprano Sax$139$75$398
Alto Sax$139$75$439Pro/Vintage $519
Tenor Sax$149$75$459Pro/Vintage $539
C Melody Sax$185$75$449
Bari Sax$179$85$499Pro/Vintage $689

Playable Condition

Playable Condition includes up to 4 pads, refitting flute tenons, up to 2 clarinet or oboe tenon corks, refitting saxophone neck & replacing neck cork, checking springs, leveling pafs and keys, regulate action, replace up to 4 damaged/missing keycorks, check/adjust springs, oil/grease and final play test.

Cleaning Only

Includes cleaning instrument and polishing keys. Instrument is cleaned using a soap & water solution or chemically cleaned where necessary. This is for cleaning and disinfecting only. No repair work or part replacement is included and play-ability is not guaranteed.


Includes all new pads, new tenon corks, new key corks as needed, recondition/replace springs as needed, recondition/replace springs as needed, straighten bent keys, cleaning, seat all pads, regulate action, oil/grease, final adjustments and play-test.

Note: Intermediate and pro model instrument charges are extra and will require an estimate from our repair tech. Dent work is extra.

Individual Woodwind Repairs

(minimum repair charge is $30.00)

  • Key Corks – $5 each
  • Replace Pad – $13.75 each
  • Springs – $15.00 each
  • Soft Solder – $35.00 (first), $16.00 (each additional)
  • Silver Solder – $65.00 each
  • Tenon Corks (clarinet/Oboe) – $35.00 each
  • Tenon Corks (Bass Clar/Bassoon) – $48.00 each
  • Sax Neck Corks – $25.00 each
  • Piccolo Head Cork – $30.00
  • Flute Head Cork – $30.00
  • Refit Flute Tenon – $39.00 each
  • Replace Thumbrest (Clarinet or Oboe)- $39.00
  • Replace
    • Case Latch – $30.00 each
    • Case Hinge – $30.00 each
    • Plastic Handle – $45.00
  • New Sax Guard – $40.00 each
  • Refit Flute/Sax Tenon – $30.00 each
  • Refit Sax Neck – $45.00
  • Remove stuck swab – $45.00
  • Refit loose ring (clarinet/oboe)- $15.00


NOTE: All Prices Listed Are Estimates

InstrumentPlayable ConditionChemical Clean & FlushBasic Cleaning
Silver Trumpet$89$75$47
Bass/Valve Trombone$89$69$47
Alto Horn$79$65$47
Baritone Horn/Euphonium$89$69$47
Baritone/Euph. 4-Valve$119$79$57
French Horn$119$99$69
Double French Horn$129$139$79
Tuba (3 valves)$179$129$89
Tuba (4 valves)$195$139$95
Sousaphone (fiberglass)$179$129$89
Sousaphone (brass)$195$139$95

Playable Condition

Includes minor bell dents (bell to rear brace); cleaning and polishing of valves and slides; refitting slides; replacing valve felts, waterkey corks, guides and springs as needed; pull valves & slides; solder up to one broken joint; relube/oil; final adjustments and play-test.

There will be additional charges for excessive dent work, more than one solder point and for very stuck valves and slides.

Flush & Chemical Clean

Instrument is disassembled and all parts are chemically cleaned. Tubing is brushed inside and out. Instrument is lubricated and play-tested.


Includes internal chemical cleaning, plus re-plating of re-lacquering the instrument. We will call with an estimate after the tech has inspected the instrument. Average Overhaul waiting time is 5 weeks.

We will call with prices for any repairs not listed.

Individual Brass Repairs

  • Pull stuck mouthpiece – $20.00
  • Re-Thread Valve Casing – $35.00 (first) $15.00 (each additional)
  • Pull Frozen Slide – $30.00 (first) $20.00 (each additional)
  • Replace Valve Springs – $15.00 each
  • Pull Stuck Valve – $30.00 each
  • Realign Valves – $49.00
  • Replace Valve Corks & Felts – $27.00
  • Repair out-of-round or dented valve casing – $45.00 (first) $32.00 (each additional)
  • Adjust Trombone Slide – $38.00
  • Solder Brace – $35.00 (first), $20.00 (each additional)
  • Silver Solder – $65.00 (first), $25.00 (each additional)
  • Replace
    • Water Key – $48.00
    • Water Key spring and Cork – $35
    • Water Key cork – $5
    • Install Amato Water Key – $85
    • Case Latch – $30.00 each
    • Case Hinge – $30.00 each
    • Handle – $45.00 each
  • Valve Work (hone & lap) – $45.00 each
  • Flush & Silver Polish Trumpet – $90.00 each
  • Restring Single Horn Valve – $30.00 (first), $16.00 (each additional)
  • Restring Double Horn Valve – $30.00 (first), $16.00 (each additional)
  • Replace F-horn Valve bumper stops & align – $45.00 per arm
  • Rethread Valve Casing – $23.00
  • Clean Individual Rotor Valve – $30.00 each
  • Repair Frozen Hinge Rod – $25.00
  • Repair Bent Valve or Casing – $50.00 each