Music Educator of the Year Award

The 2022 JC’s Educator of the Year Award went to Kevin Caldwell.

About the Award

Once every year, JC Music selects an outstanding educator to receive the Music Educator of the Year Award. This award recognizes their achievements in their classrooms and their contributions to music education in general. Educators from all over CT gather at our annual Educator Appreciation Dinner, where the award is presented. Our first award was presented in 2009 to John Miller, and we have presented an award each year since.

JC Music has been servicing schools in Connecticut for over thirty years. As a family owned business, we are able to provide personal service for each school we work with. JC Music works closely with educators throughout the state as a resource to help them in any way possible!

JC Music has four Educational Representatives that serve music educators and their schools all over Connecticut. Our service benefits music educators, students, parents and schools. 

Music Educators of the Year!

Below, find a list of our Educators of the Year from the first 2009 award all of the way through to the present year.

2009 – John Miller

John Miller

2010 – Greg Bell

Greg Bell

2011 – Jeremy Barnes

Jeremy Barnes

2012 – Dan Luongo

Dan Luongo

2013 – Jen Crooks

Jen Crooks

2014 – Jason DeGroff

Jason DeGroff

2015 – Rich Manning

Rich Manning

2016 – Jeremy Osterling

Jeremy Osterling

2017 – Marissa Iezzi

Marissa Iezzi

2018 – Steve Fasoli

Steve Fasoli

2019 – Dan Kinsman

Dan Kinsman

2020 – Mark Mahoney

2021 – No Award/COVID-19

2022 – Ken Caldwell

Links for Educators

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