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About our Lessons Program

JC Music offers music lessons in an inspiring, safe, fun and educational atmosphere in which to grow, regardless of age or skill level. JC Music’s 20 professional music educators are experienced teachers and performers, and are eager to share their knowledge, skills, and talents with you. Whether your goal is to become a professional player, just learn enough to play as a hobby, or to supplement your school’s instrumental and vocal lessons, we can help you reach your potential.

Our teachers guide their students with productive “On Task” practice techniques. This is the single most essential factor to successful lessons. JC Music offers both vocal and instrumental lessons 7 days a week on most any instrument! Our staff will help you find the right equipment and instructor to help take you to the next level. Call or stop by today to discuss the many options we offer with our fun, educational and rewarding music lesson programs!

JC Music offers our students performance opportunities through our Student Showcase Concerts. Each spring, we hold a Student Showcase and each October, we have our annual ”Spooktacular Student Showcase” filled with all spooky music and everyone in costume. Each summer, we offer numerous fun and educational Music Workshops for our aspiring musicians. We also recognize one student each month with our Student of the Month award, for outstanding progress on their instrument.

Music Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many lessons before I play well?

Because each student is unique, it is impossible to answer such a question. Basically, the more a student practices with dedication, the sooner the student can reach a satisfactory level of performance, and age is an important factor as well. Patience with young children is a necessity. It is not uncommon for a student to play quite well after a year of lessons, but keep in mind that learning of a musical instrument never ends!

How much do music lessons cost?

Our rates are very affordable, starting at ONLY $33.00 per half hour lesson! We also offer instrument rentals along with an introductory special for all of our students. Lessons take place once a week and are payable by the month through autopay.

What types of music lessons are available?

  • Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Voice Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Woodwinds: Flute Lessons, clarinet lessons, saxophone lessons
  • Brass: Trumpet lessons, trombone lessons, euphonium lessons, french horn lessons
  • Strings: Violin lessons, viola lessons, cello lessons

Why Choose Us?

  • Two performance opportunities each year
  • Recognition for student achievements
  • 10% student discount on all in-stock merchandise
  • Reschedule flexibility with 24hrs notice
  • 20 FUN and highly qualified teachers for any instrument or voice
  • FREE trial lessons!

Music Lessons for Adults and Seniors

Did you know: 82% of people who never learned to play a musical instrument wish they had?

Those 82% are always welcome at JC Music because it’s never too late to live your musical dream! From young children to senior citizens, JC Music offers individual and group classes with exciting performing opportunities. JC Music is known for inspiring a passion that can last a lifetime!

Everyone knows music is fun, but not all know that music making has benefits, such as:

  1. Increases in self esteem and confidence, which fights mental health conditions such as depression
  2. Strengthens the auditory cortex, the part of the brain which controls hearing, and may combat hearing loss in old age
  3. Has been shown to reduce stress and can be used as a form of anger management
  4. It is uplifting spiritually, and it can increase positive feelings
  5. Playing an instrument encourages creativity and evokes emotions
  6. It promotes greater finger dexterity
  7. Playing music together promotes bonding. Music-making creates a sense of togetherness and it helps form new social connections
  8. It has repeatedly shown benefits for Alzheimer’s patients in scientific tests and it strengthens the mind resulting in better memory and speed with processing tasks.

You’re never too old to take music lessons. Music can be learned at any age, and studies show that making music is a life-long skill that enriches the lives of children and adults!

Music Student of the Month

March 2024
Isabella Checa – Piano
Instructor – Philomena Nesci

Considering how hard our many music students work at their lessons and recitals, and of course all the music work they tend to do at their schools as well, we like to acknowledge someone who has worked a little harder recently and learned a new skill or technique, begun learning a new instrument or just finally mastered a tricky piece of music.

The JC Music Student of the Month is chosen during the first week of the following month and added to the gallery soon after their certificate is awarded and, whenever possible, their picture taken. We keep this record to encourage past winners to reflect on their accomplishments, as well as to inspire new and current students to keep playing and keep practicing!

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