Guitar Repair

Guitar Repair Work Estimated Price List

Instrument Purchased at:JC MusicOther (standard rate)
6 String Guitar/Ukulele$25$35
Classical Tie end set$30$40
12 String Guitar$45$55
Bass Guitar$25$35
Locking Trem$55$70

Clean & restore strings, replace up to 4, estimate: $115
Clean and complete restring estimate: $175
(autoharp prices include the strings replaced)
Tuning estimate: $45

Clean & restore strings, replace up to 4, estimate: $115
Clean and complete restring estimate: $175
(autoharp prices include the strings replaced)
Tuning estimate: $45


(Customer must know and use same string gauge as presently on guitar it’s possible that a setup may be required.)

Basic Setups

Acoustic Six String – $80
Acoustic Six String with new custom nut – $140
12 String – $125
Electric Six String – $80
Electric Six String with new custom nut – $148
Electric with Locking Trem. – $135
New Custom Fitted Saddle
(includes Setup) – $95
New Custom Fitted Saddle – Compensated
(includes Setup) – $135

Guitar Modifications

Re-work Existing Nut – $40 (included in setups)
Pre-slotted Plastic Nuts $38
Control cavity modification – $90
Install strap buttons – $35
(plus buttons)
Flush mount strap locks – $60
Rout for pickups – $75 1st /
Each Additional is $39
Install new tuners – $75
(includes plugging screw holes)
Install Sperzels – $95
Install Acoustic Pickup – from $88
(plus cost of pickup. Includes reaming for endpin jack)
Rout for battery box and wiring – $178
Rout for control cavity – $198
Rout for Tele style or flush mount side jack – $98
Rout for Strat style jack plate – $168
Install Flush mount strap locks – $60
Recess Pickup Rings – $80
Bind Body
(top or back) – $285
Semi-hollow body conversion – $375
Install Locking Nut – $95
(plus part)

Pickguard Installation

Standard Strat Style precut – $47
Standard Tele Style precut – $47
Standard Les Paul Style – $47
Acoustic Pick Guards – $40 and up
Pickguard Custom Work (routes, shapes, extra holes) – Per Quote

Pickguard Options

Acoustic Tortoise Shell – $59
One Opaque Color Enamel Paint – $59
Custom Shape – $59
Recessed Controls – $39
Recessed pickup rings – $69
Match back control/Trem Covers – $69

Guitar Repairs

Level and crown – $249 (includes setup)
Partial Refret – $39 each
(first 6 frets – $29 each additional fret)
Complete refret without binding – $499 and up
Complete refret with binding – $599 and up
Repair Broken Headstock – $90 and up
Acoustic crack repairs – $65 and up
New bridge plate – $125
Install new bridge – $135 (plus bridge)
Remove and Re-Glue bridge – $150 and up
Reglue Lifting Bridge – $75
Shave Acoustic Bridge – $59
Reglue loose brace – $55
Remove old brace and install new – $129 and up
Shielding with copper foil or lead electrostatic – $75
Replace switches – $49 and up
(plus cost of switch)
Pick-Up replacement – $49 each
(plus cost of pickup)
Replace Potentiometer – $30
(plus potentiometer)
Complete Rewire (replace original) – $165
Replace Output jack – $52 (plus output jack – add $45 and up for F-hole guitars)

New Pre-slotted Plastic Nut – $45
New Custom Nut (bone, ebony) – $89
New Nut (brass) – $98
Fret Dressing – $23 each
New fingerboard with frets (without binding) – $575
New fingerboard with frets and with binding – $645
Neck rest (Martin or Gibson style) – $375 and up
Flatten top – $290

Guitar Refinish

Repaint 1 color opaque w/old finish at base – $355
Strip old finish and repaint 1 color opaque – $500
Repair body damage before painting – $165 and up
Matching head stock – $140 and up
Matching neck – $95 and up
Head stock logo one color – $100 and up
Touch up finish/Buff out scratches – by Quote

Average Guitar Repair Time is 7-10 Days. Some jobs will require more time depending on gluing, drying, and other factors.

Please note: these prices are estimates only, and our staff members are not the luthiers who will handle the repair. Due to the individuality of each job, estimates may vary slightly from your quote.

If costs will exceed the estimate, the customer will be contacted before any work is started. We will install customer-provided parts but will not be responsible for them.

We also highly recommend only leaving guitars for repair with a case – gig bags may be purchased inexpensively if necessary, and we will not be responsible for any marks, scratches or blemishes that result from leaving a guitar without a case. All above prices do include materials.

Our goal at JC Music is to make sure that your guitar is in perfect playing condition. With extensive training and experience, our master guitar luthiers will professionally repair any fretted instrument.

Bridge work, crack repairs, neck adjustments, fret filing, or any degree of guitar repair will be completed at a reasonable rate and in very reasonable time. Our luthiers use only the highest quality tools and supplies when repairing any fretted instrument, including your most delicate prized possession. We not only specialize in guitar repairs, but we are well known throughout Connecticut and New England for our top quality autoharp, mandolin and banjo repairs.

General guitar repair work, such as restringing, tuning, and polishing, are all done on-site while you wait. For any larger repairs, we will provide you with a firm estimate and most repairs are completed in 10-14 days. Once guitar repairs are completed, JC Music will quickly give you a call to let you know. We hope you take advantage of our reasonable rates and use our professional services at JC Music for all of your guitar repair, bass guitar repair, and repair of any other fretted instrument.