Piano Tuning and Repair

Piano Tuning, Repair, Appraisal and Consulting

JC Music can also help with your piano tuning and repair needs!

About 90% of an acoustic piano is made of wood. The wooden frame is heavily reinforced with a cast iron ‘plate’ enabling it to withstand almost 20 tons of torque. Changes in temperature and humidity will directly affect the tuning stability of a piano.

The tension on the 250 strings in a piano change as the wood swells and contracts with the change of seasons. It is always less expensive to maintain a piano than to restore a neglected piano back to pitch.

The playing benefits of a well-tuned piano are enormous. The best thing you can do to protect the investment you have made in your piano is to keep it tuned for top-performance sound as well as extending the longevity of all the parts of the piano.

JC Music offers an expert piano tuning and repair service. Our professionals handle all tunings, voicing, regulations, and any other attention your piano might need for very reasonable rates. There is no need to wait for an appointment – our piano tuners are available seven days a week.

Regardless of how often a piano is played, a piano should be tuned at least every six months. Contact JC Music for all your piano tuning and repair needs!

Piano Information

Question – Why does my piano go out of tune every six months?

Answer – Because increased humidity will swell the wood in a piano, causing it to go sharp, and then decreased humidity causes the wood to shrink,causing it to go flat. The constant weather changes in our area are the main cause of pianos going out of tune.

Question – What can I do to properly maintain my piano?

Answer – Just play it! Play all of the keys at regular intervals- the thousands of moving parts in a piano may degrade over time if they are not played on a regular basis, leading to problems with the action. We also recommend tunings at regular intervals so pitch raises won’t be necessary.

Question – I want to buy a used piano, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. What next?

Answer – We recommend that you contact Bob at The Music Score, LLC in Rocky Hill, CT [Phone: (860) 478-7482] or Yale Piano in New Haven, CT [Phone: 203-281-1636] for Used Piano Sales and make sure that you mention that JC Music sent you!!!!