Consignment Instruments at JC Music

Sell YOUR stuff! Why take your used gear to a regular consignment shop where it loses value every day? Every customer who walks through our door is a musician! JC Music offers quality consignment musical instruments and a hassle-free solution for selling your used instrument! We can add your instrument to our collection of guitars, amps, band instruments, drums, etc. We do require that the brand of the item (or at least the model) is one that we do not stock as new. View our current new stock here!

The details are simple: you get 60% of the total sale price, and JC Music gets 40%; If the item is worth over $500, you simply give us a dollar figure that you expect after it is sold. We wait 10 days after the sale of a consignment, to be sure it is not returned for mechanical defects, and we then mail you a check for your sold item. We do require that the item be in good playable condition and reserve the right to refuse to accept any item.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will maintain and promote the sale of your instrument until the right customer takes it away. If you change your mind after giving us something to sell on consignment, you may pick it up at any time, with no obligation.

Interested in selling your used gear or looking to buy someone’s used gear? Come on down to JC Music!

Our consignment program will help you sell your instrument at JC Music. We help you by selling your instrument at no cost to you. We just keep a percentage of an agreed upon price and you keep the majority of the sale price. This means that you won’t have to advertise the instrument yourself in hopes of finding a buyer. You also won’t have to have any strangers come to your home.

You simply bring your instrument to our staff and have any dents, dings, or broken or old strings replaced. We will evaluate your instrument and come to an agreement on a selling price. Our staff will then work hard to sell your instrument at a fraction of the cost of a new one! JC Music has numerous customers who shop our consignments on a regular basis, so we hope to sell your item fast! We simply mail you a check after the item has sold.

We consign guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, keyboards, drums, band and orchestra instruments and much more!