In Memoriam: John Miller (1981 – 2011)

John Miller was the Manager of Community Programs at the Yale School of Music, as well as the Director of the Yale Music in Schools Initiative, and the Director of the CMEA Southern Region.

John was a very close friend both of JC and of JC Music, and he worked closely with JC Music on improving music education throughout Connecticut. He and JC also had recently begun scheduling the 3rd Annual JC Music/Yale School of Music Solo Competition, and JC Music has every intention of continuing the tradition next year in honor of John.

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“John was the first teacher to be named “JC Music Educator of the Year” back in 2009 while he taught at John C. Daniel’s School in New Haven. John’s accomplishments were just amazing! This award is presented each year at the CMEA convention in Hartford. John was an outstanding musician, an amazing teacher and most importantly a great friend – a man who no one could dislike!

“His desire for better music education was an amazing driving force which he relentlessly pursued. We spent many more hours in my office at JC Music and in his office at Yale discussing music education than I will probably ever spend with anyone else. He was always thinking several years ahead and when John had a plan set in his head, he made sure it happened. He was certainly the most inspiring musical friend I’ve ever had.

“John asked me to visit him in his Yale office just a few days before his passing to discuss CMEA and our Yale collaborations for the coming year. On that same day, John asked me if I would get all of the JC Music Educator’s of the Year together to start an annual event. He also heard that I take educators out to play golf and he asked me if he could be the next one I took to the greens. This is an absolute tragic loss for his family, his many friends, the entire staff at JC Music and for the state of Connecticut as John was a rising star! My memories of John’s laugh, smile, positive attitude and friendship will always be remembered fondly. My deepest condolences to his family.”

-JC Caillouette, Store Owner & President

JC and John Miller proudly stand behind their prestigious judging panel for their 2011 JC Music/Yale School of Music Solo Competition.


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