2012 Solo Competition Auditions!

We’re going to be really busy this weekend as we host the first round of the 2012 Solo Competition Auditions at our store! But just like the last two years, it’ll still be business as usual at JC Music!

In case you missed it anywhere else, this is the latest update to the audition schedule for this Friday and Saturday (April 27th & 28th):

Audition Times – Friday 4/27

Audition Times – Saturday 4/28

Time Name Grade Instrument Time Name Grade Instrument
X 9:40a Corey Lynch Eighth Piano
X 9:50a Scott Romeyn Seventh Piano
4:00p Natalie Charette Ninth Piano 10:00a Ethan Rode Eleventh Piano
4:10p Rachel D’Andrea Tenth Flute 10:10a Andrew Fermo Eighth Piano
4:20p Hannah Huddleston Fifth Piano 10:20a Jessica Liu Tenth Flute
4:30p Gunnar Moll Twelfth Violin 10:30a Shira Bedford Eighth Cello
4:40p Juliana Sharp Ninth Violin 10:40a Edward Biafore Fifth Clarinet
4:50p Carlton Burns Ninth Cello 10:50a
5:00p Yejing Yang Ninth Piano 11:00a Anastasia Miller Fifth Flute
5:10p Eric Wu Seventh Piano 11:10a Dean Zeichner Eighth Trombone
5:20p Mikkie Chu Tenth Violin 11:20a Haley Bothwell Sixth Flute
5:30p Joseph Chu Fifth Piano 11:30a
X 11:40a Morgan Whalen Seventh Piano
X 11:50a Kevin Li Fifth Piano
X 12:00p Ashley Tang Piano
X 12:10p Nathan Hellmuth Eighth Trumpet
X 12:20p Magland Pettie Fifth Trombone

See you this weekend!

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