Toca Djembes Are Here!

Toca Djembes have arrived at JC Music and are already on display in the center of the store!

Toca Djembes

What’s better than a drum circle on a nice, summer evening?

The djembe is one of West Africa’s best known instruments. Some say the name comes from a phrase of the Bamana in Mali, Anke dje, anke bedje means “gather” and be means “everyone” and so it translates as “everyone gather together”.

These djembes feature a stylish rope-tuned head and awesome design, as well as being made from a strong composite material that can withstand years of travel and use.

All the way to the right in the above photo, you can see we also have a Toca Flex Drum, constructed of solid wood and a goatskin head that can be easily removed, to stack multiple drums inside for easier transport. It also includes a strap for carrying and playing, making it the perfect percussion for any drumming event!

All Toca djembes, flex drums and other percussion are finished in many vibrant color options to please any player as well a very wide variety of other percussive instruments and accessories.

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