Recitals at JC Music

JC Music offers our students performance opportunities through our Student Showcase Recitals. Each spring we hold a Student Showcase. In addition, each October we have our annual ”Spooktacular Student Showcase”, which is filled with all spooky music and everyone in costume.

Because performing is so integral to learning music, taking music lessons and never giving students a chance to showcase what they have learned is like becoming a chef and never having an opportunity to cook for anyone! Surprisingly, most music stores don’t give their students these performance opportunities to shine and show how much they have progressed in their lessons. We look forward to seeing all of our students perform in recitals, as this is a lifelong benefit from the program we provide.

Our team of quality instructors have devised many innovative performances throughout our history. As a result, we have had a variety of multi-instrument group performances, sibling duets, and even a percussion ensemble! In addition to a variety of types of performances, our instructors have also created themes for the recitals, including: classical music, TV themes, Broadway, 80’s favorites, and much more! The instructors at JC Music are committed to making music fun! Learn more about our team of quality instructors here!

Benefits from Performing in JC Music Showcase Recitals:

  1. Parents and grandparents get to watch and hear the child’s progress
  2. Performing gives the student a chance to shine as they achieve a goal
  3. Performing boosts self-confidence and gives a sense of pride and accomplishment
  4. Getting feedback from an audience is often very motivating to students
  5. Hearing more advance students perform may inspire them to work toward a higher level

Student Showcase Photo Gallery